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Unique Visit Notes Creation
US 8311848 B2
Date Patented: Aug. 23, 2010

Patent Description

An electronic medical record system enables organic growth of medical conditions or choices linked to predefined human body systems or an anatomical image. These choices are used as blue print launchers that form sentences/paragraphs as a user interacts with the choice lists. The choice lists can include a set of control variables that can be selected to create a medical history of a patient in the form of one or more visit notes. The medical history of the patient is formed by user selection of some of the control variables for insertion into fillable data entry locations in the sentences/paragraphs. The sentences/paragraphs are in the form of blue prints which are available generically to be populated with patient specific information to form customized blue prints for a particular patient. Multiple data perspectives in the electronic medical record system allows relatively easy and simultaneous collection of the complex medical data to produce medical visit notes or letters during a patient office visit.