Paramount Team

Enabling Doctor Made, Doctor Ready Complete EHR certified solutions

Paramount Health Solutions has developed spectra suite with focus on long-term growth and innovation in delivering healthcare IT products and services to the healthcare provider community. We are open to evaluating investor relationships.

To learn more about our investor relations, please contact or 1.309.278.5368.

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Executive Officers

  • Muthiah Subash

    Muthiah Subash

    Co-Founder and Chief Architect

    Muthiah Subash is responsible for creating and expanding strategic partnerships in the United States focusing on Spectra's rapidly expanding customer base. Subash as a chief architect has designed the patented approach to use anatomical images as a method of collecting and representing healthcare data.

    Subash brings 18 years of experience in developing and managing large commercial systems on multiple platforms as well as a strong background in software engineering life cycles. His background and extensive experience uniquely prepares him to lead Paramount's efforts to provide technological solutions that focus on end users. He has wide-ranging knowledge of the clinical, financial, and workflow aspects of physician practices.

  • Ilesh Kurani

    Dr. Ilesh Kurani

    Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer

    Dr. Ilesh Kurani, MD, an experienced physician with extensive EHR experience, was dissatisfied with overall usability and features within EHR's. This dissatisfaction ultimately led to the idea and creation of Spectra, an innovative system designed with the end user's needs in mind.

    While in Moline, IL, Dr. Kurani met Muthiah Subash, another key member and founder of Spectra. In 2006 the two founded Paramount Health Solutions, which the Spectra Suite was created. Dr. Kurani provides comprehensive understanding of the needs of all healthcare professionals as well as medical management. Dr. Kurani continues to share responsibilities for day-to-day operations with his fellow co-founders.

  • Kirti Baheti

    Kirti Baheti

    Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board

    Kirti Baheti, a co-founder of paramount, has helped grow the company into a highly sustainable enterprise. Under his leadership, Paramount has dramatically broadened its infrastructure and increased its offerings while maintaining a culture of strong innovation. Along with Dr. Kurani, Muthiah Subash, and the rest of the executive team, Kirti oversees the company's finance, business, and marketing strategy. Kirti is also the director of YASH Technologies, a company that provides world-class IT services and solutions.

  • Nageswara Reddy Gaddam

    Nageswara Reddy Gaddam

    Product Manager

    Nagesh Gaddam has 17 years experience in software system design, development, and deployment, including: Systems integration, migration, training, and business process improvement. He works closely with co-founders to define Spectra product strategy, define and plan product lines, create product enhancements, and coordinate releases based on unique customer needs and business goals. Nagesh also manages product contracts and assists in marketing and sales.

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