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When a clinic or a hospital plans to transform its routine workflow into an Electronic Medical Record or Electronic Health Record system, it becomes a challenge to find a system that is accurate, scalable, efficient, and implemented quickly.

Improper data migration leads to many risks including: record duplication, data quality loss missing information, regulatory non-compliance and potential legal liabilities. At paramount, we know the importance of the private data and we assure the security of your patients' record while improving the quality and accuracy of data by allowing the role-based access to view and update the information.

We provide you expert consulting that includes planning, designing, and implementation of advance strategies to help you smoothly migrate data to your new SpectraEMR. We make sure that your clinic/hospital starts using the previously recorded patient data from the very first day of SpectraEMR's implementation.

Key Features

  • Infrastructure assessment and readiness analysis
  • Data cleansing to ensure information accuracy and eliminate errors
  • Transformation of existing data for integration with the new system
  • Data back-ups to ensure integrity of the source data

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