What is an Immunization Registry?

Immunization Registries are designed to exchange immunization information with healthcare providers. Data exchange between registries and EHRs helps ensure timely immunizations, consolidation of records, and allows immunization providers to work more efficiently. This function is of high importance in case of an emergency. Immunization Registry Database is an Internet-based application that is used to access records in the immunization registry. All immunization providers within the US can create and share electronic immunization records for their clients, which makes the delivery of immunizations much easier. In this capacity, the registry provides a valuable tool for the management and reporting of immunization information to public health professionals, private and public healthcare providers, parents, guardians and other child care personnel.

The benefits of having Immunization Registries are:

  • Saves money - by ensuring that each child will get only the vaccines that they need.
  • Improves office efficiency - by reducing the time needed to gather and review immunization records.
  • Using the registry public health departments can identify those children who are at risk in the event of a disease outbreak or other emergency.
  • Can locate communities with low coverage rates so that targeted interventions to increase coverage rates and protect more children from disease may be provided.
  • Provides appointment reminder notes, integrate immunization services with other public health functions such as lead screening, vision screening, etc.
  • Effectively utilize precious financial resources.

What can SpectraSuite do for you?

Currently, a majority of private providers report to the registry by paper through an agreement with their local County Health Department. Access for registry query or immunization reporting is limited to duly authorized providers who are enrolled with the registry.

SpectraSuite as a complete EHR, provides you the capability to electronic record, modify, retrieve and submit immunization information to immunization registries in either HL7 2.3.1 or HL7 2.5.1 format including the appropriate HL7 CVX codes according to applicable law and practice. SpectraSuite has performed various successful tests of certified EHR technology's capacity to submit electronic data to immunization registries and follow up submission.

SpectraSuite electronically records, modifies, retrieves, and submits immunization information in accordance with:

  • The standards specifies in $170.205(e)(1) or $170.205(e)(2) and
  • At a minimum, the version of the standard specified in $170.207(e).

There are myriad of benefits of using SpectraSuite, pertaining to the criteria §170.302 (k) Submission to immunization registries: With the help of SpectraSuite, you can:

Record - enter CVX-encoded immunization information into the EHR.

Modify - modify the CVX-encoded immunization information into the EHR.

Retrieve - display the CVX-encoded immunization information that has been entered into it.

Submit - electronically submit the CVX-encoded immunization information to an immunization registry in either HL7 2.3.1 or HL7 2.5.1 format.