Below are some glimpses of the features and functionalities of SpectraSuite

SpectraSuite is designed through close consultations with providers who helped us understand and explain their requirements, even in the most complex patient care scenarios.

Dashboard - Customized Dashboard based on clinical roles

  • Dashboard
    • One place to get complete clinical management alerts from your dashboard
    • One place to know your clinical documentation progress
    • Collaborate with your team tasks

Templates - Customize your clinical documentation as you use with organic growth features

  • Templates
    • Practice your medicine as you were doing before adapting SpectraSuite with our easy use of blue print engine features
    • Make notes more clinically aligned with multimedia inputs
    • Define deceased based blue prints as per your clinic priorities
    • Easily combined or customized for complex visits, making no visit too difficult to chart quickly

Anatomy - Make your notes from your clinical specialty anatomical images

  • Anatomy
    • Use Anatomical images for notes making to helps you improved quality documentation
    • Use body markings for clinical documentation
    • Pre-built modules for each specialty and scalable to customize for any practice

eRx - Prescribe electronically with point-of-care real time alerts

  • eRx
    • Create your favorite drug list
    • Easy refills management. Make electronic prescriptions and refills easy

Labs - Improve patient care with interoperable standards

  • Labs
    • Electronically send lab orders. View lab results
    • Integrated HL7 enabled external system labs module improves the clinical documentation & patient care

SOAP NOTES - Complete meaningful visit documentation

    • Organize your SOAP notes according to your practice preferences
    • Collaborate with your clinical staff at the point of care
    • Easy access to previous visit information
    • Easy access to patient Health file

Health File - One snapshot view of the patient health record

  • Health File
    • A Patient Health records at your fingertips with precisely organized patient data for quick access
    • Manage patient health information as discrete data elements for clinical workflows
    • Reach out the patients for clinical update communications accessing the information from patient health records
    • Track the alerts, patient notifications , tasks customized to that patient