Spectra Suite 2.0: ONC/ATCB 2011/2012 'Complete EHR' Certified All-in-one solution

Complete EMR/ EHR Solutions for healthcare

Complete EMR/ EHR Solutions for healthcare

What Spectra Suite can do for you?

  • Single point access of patient health file
  • Enhanced clinical documentation
  • Easy customization to your practice needs
  • Easy to find, easy to use and easy to navigate
  • Increased efficiency
  • Unique visit notes creation (Patented)
  • Automated software updates
  • Improve clinical decision making
  • Enhanced patient quality care & satisfaction
  • One stop review of progress notes
  • Improved privacy & security
  • Increased profits & ROI
  • Complete scalability to accommodate growth
  • Automated billing code updates

Healthcare office management & communication features

  • Investigation & medical records management
  • Scanning,Faxing & Intra Office Messaging Made Easy!
    • Labs integration using HL7
    • Referral Management
    • Vitals data Charting

Makes pharmacy communication easy & maximize cash flow leverging technology

Qualified Spectra eRx

  • Eligible for Medicare 2% Incentive
  • Easy refills
  • Electronic Prescription at point of care
  • Formulary compliance
  • Real time alerts
  • Reduce Pharmacy refills calls

Integrated claims & Revenue Cycle Management

  • Electronic & Manual Claim Submission
  • Accurate claims and statements
  • CMS-1500 & UB-04 paper claims
  • Financial Reports
  • Improve cash flows

Ambulatory solution certified for:

§170.302 (a) Drug-drug, drug-allergy interaction checks §170.302 (b) Drug formulary checks
§170.302 (c) Maintain up-to-date problem list §170.302 (d) Maintain active medication list
§170.302 (e) Maintain active medication allergy list §170.302 (f)(1) Vital signs
§170.302 (f)(2) Calculate body mass index §170.302 (f)(3) Plot and display growth charts
§170.302 (g) Smoking status §170.302 (h) Incorporate laboratory test results
§170.302 (i) Generate patient lists §170.302 (j) Medication reconciliation
§170.302 (k) Submission to immunization registries §170.302 (l) Public health surveillance
§170.302 (m) Patient specific education resources §170.302 (n) Automated measure calculation
§170.302 (o) Access control §170.302 (p) Emergency access
§170.302 (q) Automatic log-off §170.302 (r) Audit log
§170.302 (s) Integrity §170.302 (t) Authentication
§170.302 (u) General encryption §170.302 (v) Encryption when exchanging electronic health information
§170.304 (a) Computerized provider order entry §170.304 (b) Electronic Prescribing
§170.304 (c) Record demographics §170.304 (d) Patient reminders
§170.304 (e) Clinical decision support §170.304 (f) Electronic copy of health information
§170.304 (g) Timely access §170.304 (h) Clinical summaries
§170.304 (i) Exchange clinical information and patient summary record §170.304 (j) Calculate and submit clinical quality measures