A sophisticated medical transcription solution for clinical purposes

Spectra Medical Transcription solution helps in managing the medical transcription cycle right from the beginning to end. This allows integration of voice recording with the SOAP notes within the template, helps in digital scripting and delivering the voice files from transcription server to the medical transcriptionist.

Spectra Medical Transcription efficiently manages the complete process minimizing mismanagement, transcription errors and transcription costs.

Features of Spectra Medical Transcription

  • Automatic attachment to patient electronic medical records
  • Partial transcription of notes
  • Facility to Edit, Search, View, and Sign off medical transcriptions
  • Receive and attach results to patients' EMR

Benefits of Spectra Medical Transcription

Ease of Dictation

Spectra Medical Transcription empowers you to record dictations according to your preferences with its array of options:

  • Inbuilt Recording: SpectraEMR have inbuilt voice recorder that could be used for recording partial/ complete sentences. A workflow process ensures the transcriptionist gets the audio files and when transcription is completed, the words get inserted in the correct place with just a click of approval.
  • Digital Recording: You can record your dictations through a digital recorder. The voice files are uploaded on clinic's hosted server from where medical transcriptionist can download it for processing.

Smooth Processing

Spectra Medical Transcription helps to optimize your practice time by allowing providers and clinical staff to coordinate with the medical transcriptionist for transcribed voice files. A provider then can review, edit, request for corrections, or sign off the report. The signed off reports are automatically attached to patient's health record, right at the point where voice file was inserted.

Real Time Status Updates

Spectra Medical Transcription allows you to track the transcriptions according to their status - pending, under review or signed off. This minimizes the total time spent on transcription process and enables the practice to concentrate on providing quality healthcare to their patients.

Optimized TAT

Spectra Medical Transcription sustains an average turnaround time of set by your practice, upon the receipt of voice files. Spectra Medical Transcription has the capability to lower the turnaround time to practice guidelines.

Easy Accessibility & Reports

Spectra Medical Transcription's easy-to-use search interface provides facility to edit, search, view, and sign off medical transcriptions enabling instant accessibility. Generate daily report on the transcription workflows.