An efficient system to help you improve your billing processes

Spectra Billing helps you meet all your billing needs. It eases out the patient accounting chores by providing precise and accurate information to manage any practice. Spectra Billing is available as an integrated product in the Spectra Suite and also available as standalone product. When used as an integrated product with SpectraEMR, the patient accounting and claims remittance from rendered services shows the updated account receivables with outstanding payments. Spectra Billing with comprehensive set of reports present practice management information in an effective manner for analysis and tracking. It is capable of sending standard HCFA-1500 health insurance claim forms. Clinical staff can send electronic claims through mail or fax for error-checking, cutting down on claim rejects and prompt payments.

With Spectra Billing, you can create a treatment plan to obtain approval before rendering the services, making managed care much simpler.

Features of Spectra Billing -

  • Fully integrated with SpectraEMR system
  • Reduces manual data entry, duplications and delays
  • Charges can be captured for all insurance payers including Medicare and Medicaid
  • Support for both CMS-1500, UB -04 Paper Claims
  • Electronic claim submissions for different payers with add on ability to print on paper
  • Electronic tracking of claim status, payments and workflow of billing team
  • Patient statements for accounting
  • Payments and adjustments with ledgers
  • Transactions

Spectra Billing helps you -

  • Improve operational savings through increased efficiency
  • Manage claims every step of the way
  • Utilize technology to maximize cash flow
  • Organize your medical billing and staff
  • Utilize technology to enhance claims preparation
  • Eliminate claim errors before they occur
  • Identify and correct non-compliant coding issues
  • Stay updated with changing billing and coverage rules
  • Shorten your overall reimbursement cycle