Effective, Flexible and affordable EMR & practice management solution

Spectra EMR brochure

Why some of EMR Solutions don't work?

  • I understand its potential but haven't heard how it creates savings
  • Expensive, especially those hidden costs
  • Too complex, steep learning curve
  • Not convinced that I can find a long term solution provider
  • My practice is unique and needs a complete & customized solution not just a standard billing module, or a time scheduler
  • Fear of poor customer service

Why SpectraEMR is different?

  • Zero costs to you - Pay for SpectraEMR from the savings it generates
  • No long term contracts - sign up for one year at a time
  • No hidden costs
  • Easy to learn and use - SpectraEMR adapts to your style not the other way round
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Completely customizable to fit the needs of the practice

So what's in it for you?

  • Saves money and time
  • Accurate and efficient claims processing
  • Creates time for more patients per day
  • Decreases follow-up related patient risks
  • Minimal effort to learn and use
  • Features a la carte
  • Customized to deliver on all your needs
  • Adapts to unique doctor styles
  • Guaranteed return on your investment

Unique Features of SpectraEMR

  • Integrated billing codes lead to speedy and more accurate claims
  • Anatomical images that aid diagnosis
  • Intelligent alert management - highlights critical follow-ups
  • Enables three different types of patient information input - Image, Text or Voice
  • Information accessible anywhere

Make your practice for EHR technology ready with case to reap the benefits using SpectraEMR:

  • Increased Efficiency: Patient information is readily available, saving time and effort. Additionally, it eliminates labeling and office space to store the records.
  • Improved Documentation: Eliminates illegible handwriting, links related records electronically, reduces data entry errors and helps eliminate missing/ required patient information.
  • Improved quality of care: With complete and immediate access to patient records, providers are able to provide better, faster, more personalized care, raising the level of both medical care and personal attention.
  • Improved security: Role-based security allows only authorized individuals to access the medical records. Access logging and auditing provides a history of accessed and modification of any record.
  • Reduced documentation expenses: Eliminates need for most transcription activity and dramatically reduces the need for paper storage facilities.
  • Possibility of reduced malpractice insurance premiums: In some cases, malpractice insurance carriers will reduce malpractice premiums from 5%-10% when the SpectraEMR is being used. Also, in the event of a malpractice case, SpectraEMR will provide better documentation - more legible, with an audit trail for presenting a defense.
  • Easy-to-find, Easy-to-use and Easy-to-navigate: With SpectraEMR the clinical information can be navigated easily as patient medical record is organized for easy retrieval and usage.
  • Reports: Clinical reports would help all the clinical users to help their day-to-day works, saving time for all the users to serve the patients in much improved way.
  • Faxing/ Printing: Centralizing the printing and faxing with role-based security help the clinical staff to create their own faxing/ printing profiles and get integrated with all the modules of the SpectraEMR which improves office collaboration.
  • HL7 integration with Labs: Using HL7 standards, SpectraEMR electronically send the lab orders to labs and receive the lab results back to the SpectraEMR, which process the lab results and attach to the patient records for clinical staff reviewing & signing off the document.